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Kenny and Nancy call Oconto, Wisconsin home during the summer boating season where together they enjoy recreational boating on the Oconto River and the Bay of Green Bay. When boating season is over they become snowbirds and head south for the winter in their Monaco Windsor luxury motor coach named OWFISH.

Kenny lived and traveled in OWFISH with his late wife Barbara from 2002 until she had a disabling stroke in 2011 and passed away the following year. From then the OWFISH set, except for a short trip in 2013, until Kenny started traveling again with his new wife Nancy in 2014.

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Friday, February 2, 2007

From Presidio, TX to Brandon, FL

This is my first post to our new travelogue. We have the OWFISH parked at our daughter Angel's house in Brandon, FL. We arrived here on Friday Feb 2nd after a 28 day trip leaving from Presidio, TX on Jan 6th. Our stops along the trip included an overnight stop in Ozona, TX where we had to have a fuel line repaired The next day we had to have the fuel line repaired again when we stopped for fuel in Junction, TX. On Jan 7th we arrived for a 2 night stay at the Puerto del Sol RV Park in Corpus Christi, TX. While there we toured the USS Lexington.
Our next stop on Jan 9th was for 2 weeks at the Serendipity Bay Resort in Palacios, TX. We had a site right on the marina with all the boats behind us. The first 5 days were nice then it started to rain and rain some more.
After 9 days of cold and rain we traveled to Bayou Shores RV Resort in Galveston, TX arriving there on Jan 23rd for a 2 night stay. On Jan 25th we traveled to Maxie's Mobile Valley RV Park in Broussard, LA for 4 nights. While there we toured the Tabasco Pepper Sauce Company.On Jan 29th we stopped at the Martin Lake Resort in Biloxi, MS for 2 nights. While there we toured the coast highway going through Biloxi and Gulfport. A year and a half after Hurricane Katrina the cities along the coast are still in shambles.

Before & After Pictures
This is how the SS Hurrican Camille looked when we came through here in May 2005.

The SS Hurricane Camille that was washed ashore in 1969 is still standing, although quite battered and her wheelhouse a little cockeyed from Hurricane Katrina. The gift shop, however, was completely washed away by the tidal surge, leaving behind only the slab upon which it rested.
Note: The SS Hurricane Camile was demolished by the City of Gulfport on May 7th, 2008.

This was the White House Hotel in Biloxi. The other buildings look the same.

An American flag at the White House Hotel pictured above.

The Gators Souvenir City in Biloxi.

Sign below the building pictured above.

On Jan 31st we headed to the Pine Lake RV Park in Panama City/Fountain, FL stopping in Mobile, AL along the way to tour the USS Alabama.The USS Alabama was listing 8 degrees on her port side after Hurrican Katrina. It took 3 months to level her out again.

From there we continued until we arrived here in Brandon. We'll be here at our daughter's house for about 2 months then will start heading up toward Wisconsin in April.
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